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Hello World

Have you ever wondered how some people can do amazing things with technology, creativity, or business? Have you ever wished you could learn from them or share your own skills and insights with others? If so, you are not alone.

In this article, I will tell you why I started blogging again, what topics I plan to cover, and how you can join me in this journey of sharing and learning.

Main Motivation

I have always been curious about how things work and how to bring technical achievements to more people – this is the “evangelist” speaking (a former job title that I was very proud of!).

That’s why I decided to start a blog, after many, many years of relative online silence. With some changes from the past:

  • A deep personal desire to “share” – rather than a job requirement.
  • A platform that I have under control, apart from fiscal years.
  • Content I find personally interesting and – ideally – has value for the community.


What to expect here? Well, I don’t have a multi-year masterplan, as this is a personal free-time blog. But there are obvious candidates!

“How did you do that?”

A perfect input for something to share!

When a friend, family, partner or customer question meets with personal areas of interest – that is the content I am planning to publish here! And those are my topics currently:

  • Online Business Presentation on Steroids: How to make your online meetings and presentations look professional and impressive using tools like Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc. You don’t have to settle for low-quality video and audio when you can stream like a pro. In other words: Every 12-year-old gamer can stream perfect sharp, high fidelity videos, but as a CEO your calls look like as directly taken from a VHS tape recorded in the 80ies. Really?
  • Stable Diffusion: How to create stunning images using generative algorithms and techniques. I will show you some of my experiments and projects with image generation and manipulation.
  • AI Prompting: How to use artificial intelligence to enhance your creativity and productivity. I will share some tips and tricks on how to use AI tools like GPT-4, OpenAI Codex, etc. to generate content, code, design, etc.
  • Excel Course: How to master Excel. I must redo or refresh some rather old looking videos anyway, that I was using for my course at the University of Krems where I teach Business Data Analytics using Excel. When I do so, I plan to share them with a wider audience.

My Blogging History 

This is not my first-time blogging. I used to have a blog about Windows that I started in 2006 as a paid engagement for the local launch of Windows Vista. You may remember that Vista needed a lot of marketing. This evolved into a general blog about Windows, but over time my focus (and the budgets) went away from Windows. After 2079 articles it came to an end, I pulled the plug in 2018. Well, that year I had published a single article, and that was just an event promotion. As the article a year earlier. It died before that.

So, technically, I only need ONE article to surpass my previous record of public writing in the last 5-6 years.

Join me

You are invited to join me on this journey! Don’t ask me how, I haven’t figured everything out … is RSS still a thing? Is there not even Twitter anymore?! X! No clue.